"The Uptown Church with the down-home message"

Music Ministry



Blessed Sacrament St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church has always been known as the “little church in the riverbend”.  Its rich heritage has drawn many closer to God through acclaimed ministry and Gospel music. For thirty-four (34) years the church’s Gospel Choir, under the directorship of Tyronne G. Foster, has inspired, uplifted, and encouraged parishioners and guests alike.  The Choir’s unique blend of melodies transcends cultural and generational boundaries uniting God’s people through music.  The Gospel Choir sings at revivals, weddings, and festivals to name a few; but no matter the occasion, its purpose is the same - to spread the Gospel of the Lord, and lead parishioners and others to a deeper spiritual relationship with Him through song and praise.

Our Church is also blessed with the melodious voice of Holly Roby-Earls who's musical renditions of old and new gospel hymns provides a generational unification for all who receive her calling.  Singing most of her life, her praise is uplifing and nourishing to the faithful.  Mrs. Roby-Earls too spreads God's word through song and praise at other spiritual ceremonies including weddings, funerals and specials celebrations.