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Mass Sign Up


Updated March 14, 2021

Mass Attendance Protocol




The obligation to attend Sunday Mass is still lifted.  Please do not feel compelled to physically attend and participate.  If you are ill, feel unwell or hesitant for any reason, please stay home and join us at 10:00 a.m. on Facebook Live or on YouTube.  Please remember that your safety is our utmost concern and as such we are taking every precaution to protect it.  However, we cannot ensure that you will not become ill.  Please do what is best for your and your family’s personal health.





Public Masses – Saturday at 4pm and Sunday at 10am with limited seating based on the City of New Orleans’ mandate.

  1. Masses will be held on Saturday at 4 p.m. and Sunday at 10 a.m. There will be no Sunday 8 a.m. Mass at this time. 
    1.  We will attempt to limit the amount of time spent together in an effort to keep you safe. These attempts are not a guarantee that you will not get sick but is an attempt at protecting you.
  2. When attending Mass at Church, you will be required to enter the Church, from the Burthe Street (ramp) entrance.
  3. Everyone entering the Church must wear a mask at all times. Please bring your own mask.  For the safety of all, no one will be allowed to enter the edifice without a mask.
  4. Everyone attending will be required to sign up prior to or after Mass.  Subsequently check-in in order for the Parish to maintain a list of who attends Mass for contact and tracking purposes.
  5. Upon entering, please sanitize your hands at the sanitizing stations and obtain a wipe. Proceed to an open available seat which has been marked.  Wipe your area down and discard the wipe in the trash cans provided. 
  6. Only those who live in the same household may share a pew without 6 feet of distance.
  7. Missalettes and hymnals have been removed from the pews as well as all literature from the vestibule to limit the spread of the virus. Bulletins will continue to be emailed, posted to website and available in the edifice following Mass.
  8. During the peace rite, please do not physically touch anyone outside of your household. Instead, a gesture of peace is appropriate.
  9. Communion will be distributed at the alter.  Please remain socially distanced when going to communion. Please bring your personal hand sanitizer. DO NOT REMOVE YOUR MASK! After receiving communion, lift your mask from the bottom and consume the Host.  After consumption, please re-sanitize your hands.
  10. Offerings may be placed in the offertory basket as you enter church, online or by dropping/mailing to the rectory. Your generosity is appreciated.
  11. After Mass, we ask that you wipe down the space you have occupied again in anticipation of the next Mass.
  12. Exiting Church will follow the following protocol:
    1. Exiting will begin from the back of the church
    2. If seated on the school side of the church, exit the main doors
    3. If seated on the Burthe Street side (ramp) of the church, exit Burthe Street
  13. Finally, please follow the directions of the ushers who are present to ensure that each of us remains as safe as possible. Maintain social distancing. Your cooperation helps and protects us all.





Sign up will be posted weekly no later than Wednesday.  Please only sign up through one of the below methods and for one Mass a weekend allowing others the opportunity to attend.


To sign up to attend Mass, do so by one of the following methods:

  1. Online (click here) at Mass Sign Up or by
  2. Calling Rectory at 504.866.7330 (Wednesday or Thursday 10 am - Noon)